On this page you will discover our downloadable media from various pictures from home pictures movies, to music, and much more. 

If there is anything else you’d like us to have available for download or have any questions just email us!

Want some Jams?  Look no Further.  Here you will find literally all our music from our films.  Samples have been provided below (you need quicktime to play them).  Below you can download individual Albums, or just save yourself a hassle and download all of them here (260mb)!


Musical Properties

(00:56) - Download Album(65.11 MB)

(01:22) - Download Album (13.9 MB)

(01:36) - Download Album  (25.1 MB)

(03:07) - Download Album (34.11 MB )

(03:16) - Download Album (96.6 MB)

(00:53) - Download Album (12.8 MB)

(01:40) - Download Album     (16 MB)

You can download the samples below.

All of the Music available to you is in the highest quality Mp3 format at a bitrate of 320 kpbs!  Woah!

Literally all the music heard in our films is arranged and mixed by Andrew Mitchell.  He mixes various kinds of music loops together in Soundtrack pro, as well as occasionally composing music using the musical keyboard and other tools in garage band.


Deception (Original Score) by Andrew Mitchell

(“Finale” Composed by Andrew Mitchell & Jason Buck)

1.Opening Titles Prologue

2.The Phone Call



5.Deception Theme

6.Plea for Help


8.Unexpected Visitor


The WM! - EP by Andrew Mitchell

1.Wm Opening Titles

2.Sneaking around with Pants Down

3.Running with Scissors

4.Cruel & Unusual Punishment

US vs. THEM - EP

1.Us Vs. Them Opening Titles

2.Zombies?  Oh F%@$!

3.Bible Thumpin'


5.US versus THEM!

Home Pictures’ Shorts (2008-’09) - EP

1.Bad Karma

2.Enter Davin!

3.See Spot


5.Me No Speak

Superboy: the Trilogy

1.SuperBoy Trailer Theme w/VoiceOver


3.The Capsule and Kryptonite

4.David Russ

5.SuperBoy 2 Suite

6.The Love theme

7.School Dance Music

8.The Confrontation

9.The Face Off

10.SuperBoy 3 Suite

11.Revenge of the Red Planet

12.Russ Returns

13.Racing Against Time

14.Traveling Back Through Time/The Bank Robbery

15.The Nick of Time

16.Superboy Trailer Theme - No VoiceOver

Home Pictures’ Old School Tunes - EP

1.the Slaughter

2.battle 1

3.Battle 2

4.Husky Men Hotline


Lies in the Dark - EP

1.Lies in the Dark the crime scene


4.The Dark